Corning: Riding Multiple Uptrends, Lifted By Gorilla Glass

Corning Incorporated (GLW) is a global, technology-based corporation, operating in five segments: Display Technologies, Telecommunications, Environmental Technologies, Specialty Materials and Life Sciences. With better-than-expected earnings and strong buyback, Corning is marching up, lifted by Gorilla Glass.

Bottom Formed

On April 25, 2013, Corning’s chairman and CEO Wendell P. Weeks told shareholders in the annual meeting that Corning’s performance over past two quarters is a strong indication that the Corning has successfully formed the bottom and is ready to march up. Despite a tough 2012, Corning is ready for growth in 2013. The growth opportunities mainly come from 1) the proliferation of mobile devices, which increases the demand for thin, tough cover glass; 2) increasing demand for bandwidth, creating needs for fiber optic networks; 3) evolution to higher-resolution display devices, requiring more specialty glass to meet rigorous technical requirements; 4) increasing demand for emissions-control products due to tighter environmental regulations; 5) increasing need for more effective drug therapies due to gaining global population. The company is progressing well and is introducing new glass compositions for high-performance displays and launching new products such as ultra-thin Corning Willow Glass.

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