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Alcatel-Lucent: A Volatile Stock Requiring Lots Of Patience [Seeking Alpha]

Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), a France-based company with a market cap of $3.13B, is a provider of telecommunications technology and services, which also engages in mobile, fixed, Internet Protocol and optics technologies, applications and services. With disappointing Q1 numbers, it may be still too early to give up ALU.

Disappointing Numbers

For Q1, 2013, ALU reported a net loss from continuing operation of $0.20 per ADS, which is lower than the Zacks Consensus Estimate of -$0.10 per ADS. Sales were nearly flat at $4.21B (€3.23B Euros) with a loss of $461.72M €353M Euros) as compared to a gain of $337.49M (€259M Euros) a year earlier. FactSet had forecast a Q1 loss of $345.31M (€265M Euros) on sales of $4.17B (€3.2B Euros).

As the company continues to be on a $1.63B (€1.25B Euros) restructuring program, cutting 5,000 jobs, new CEO Michel Combes still has a tough road ahead for his plan of “one month of listening, two months of defining a project, and three years of transformation.” Combes just became CEO earlier this month.

Geographic and Segment Breakdowns

Geographically, North America was up 15.1% while Asia Pacific region had a low single-digit decline (5.8%) year-over year. Europe continued to suffer with a decline of 10.1% in revenue. Lastly, revenue from the Rest of World decreased 13.3% due to poor performance in Central and Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Alcatel-Lucent And Netflix: 2 Technology Stocks Received The Most Upgrades In Past 3 Months [Seeking Alpha]

Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) and Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) are two technology stocks that received the most upgrades in the past three months. In this article, analysts’ calls and projections will be provided for both stocks, which will also be analyzed fundamentally. Investing strategies will also be reviewed.

Alcatel-Lucent SA

Alcatel-Lucent, a France-based company, is a provider of telecommunications technology and services, which also engages in mobile, fixed, Internet Protocol and optics technologies, applications and services. ALU was down 207% and closed at $1.42 on March 6, 2013. ALU had been trading in the range of $0.91-$2.48 in the past 52 weeks. ALU has a market cap of $3.22B with a high beta of 2.36.

ALU had received six upgrades from several analysts in the past three months. On March 1, 2013, Bernstein upgraded ALU from underperform to market perform with a price target of $1.46 (from $0.79). On February 8, 2013, Morgan Stanley upgraded ALU from underweight to overweight following Q4 results and CEO move. On January 23, 2013, Citi upgraded ALU from sell to neutral and raised its price target to EUR1.30 (USD $1.69). The firm cited a positive carrier spending environment and reduced bankruptcy risk.

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Alcatel-Lucent And Autodesk With Positive Upgrades, And How To Invest [Seeking Alpha]

Alcatel-Lucent SA (ALU) and Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK) had received positive upgrades from analysts recently. In this article, both stocks will be analyzed fundamentally and technically. Investing strategies will also be reviewed.

AlcatelLucent SA

Alcatel-Lucent is a leading innovator in the field of networking and communications technology, products and services. ALU was up 2.92% and closed at $1.41 on March 1, 2013. ALU had been trading in the range of $0.91-$2.48 in the past 52 weeks. ALU has a market cap of $3.20B with a high beta of 2.37.

On March 1, 2013, Bernstein upgraded ALU from Underperform to Market Perform with a price target of $1.46 (from $0.79). Analysts have a mean target price of $1.39 with a median target price of $1.40 for ALU. Analysts, on average, are estimating an EPS of $-0.11 with revenue of $4.25B for the current quarter ending in March, 2013. For 2013, analysts are projecting an EPS of $-0.13 with revenue of $18.67B, which is 2.00% less than 2012.

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China Mobile’s TD-LTE Technology Expanding Fast, Where To Invest [Seeking Alpha]

China Mobile Ltd. (CHL), ranking as the largest mobile carrier in the world with over 722 million subscribers, had spent two years laying the groundwork for implementing TD-LTE, a 4G mobile phone standard developed by China Mobile for nationwide use. On January 23, 2013, China Mobile had revealed the company’s 2013 TD-LTE terminal development strategy. “We plan to adopt multi-mode, multi-band terminals, with basic terminals supporting 5 modes and 10 spectrum bands, and ideally supporting 5 modes and 12 bands. By 2014, we will require that terminals support Band 41,” explained Wang Hengjiang, director of the products division of China Mobile Terminal. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, MIIT, had recently allocated Band 41 (2500MHz – 2690MHz) for TD-LTE usage.

Schedule for TD-LTE Products and Handsets

For TD-LTE products, China Mobile will develop its customer-premises equipment and data card offering through a focus on Mi-Fi mobile hotspots. China Mobile will begin “friendly user” trials of LTE Mi-Fi and other related products in the first half of 2013. Mi-Fi trial products will be distributed in Q1 2013, and the service is expected to mature enough in Q2 2013 to begin commercial trial preparations. For TD-LTE mobile handset products, China Mobile will launch “friendly user” LTE handset trials in the second half of 2013. TD-LTE handsets will be distributed in Q3 2013, and a commercial trial will be prepared in Q4 2013.

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Top Bullish Stock On Monday: Alcatel-Lucent With Unusual Call Activities [Seeking Alpha]

After last week’s rally, all three major indices closed in red on Monday as we head into the earnings season. Dow Jones led the loss with 0.38% decline, which is followed by S&P 500’s 0.31% drop. Nasdaq held better with a slightly decrease of 0.09%. DIA, SPY, and QQQ still all closed above their 50-day and 200-day MAs. Healthcare was the only sector closed higher with 0.36% increase. Utilities sector led the loss with 0.93% drop.

The market sentiment is driven by greed now with Fear & Greed Index at 82, which did not change from the previous trading day. For NYSE, there were 1,380 stocks advanced, 1,651 stocks declined and 110 stocks stayed unchanged. For Nasdaq, 1,066 stocks advanced, 1,436 stocks declined and 75 stocks remained unchanged. In the following, top stock had been identified through our daily options scanning process, with the scanning criteria where the daily call volume ratio was above 3.00 (3x of the average call volume) with a call volume above 10,000.

Name (Ticker) Call Volume Average Call Volume Daily Volume Ratio
Alcatel-Lucent, S. A. (ALU) 27,796 2,541 10.94

Source: Schaeffer’s Research

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